Pastor Heyward Horton, was born near Lyons, Georgia on September 30, 1937 to Thomas and Birdie Horton. He moved to Bath, South Carolina at the age of 8. He graduated from Langley Bath Clearwater (LBC) High School in 1956. He married Miss Jean Phillips of Warrenville, South Carolina in July 1956. Together they have 2 children, Todd and Timothy, and 4 grandchildren, Jessica, Dylan, Amanda, and Matthew. He has one brother, Bobby Horton, who is the former mayor of West Columbia, South Carolina.He accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour at Breezy Hill Baptist Church in Graniteville, South Carolina in November 1957. He was ordained in 1963 under the late Rev. Quessenbury at Breezy Hill Baptist Church. He started Friendship Baptist Church in May 1965. He attended the Georgia Bible Institute in Augusta, Georgia.

He has been the sole Pastor of the Friendship Baptist Church for the past 46 years. He loves the Lord, his family, and the church. He is usually found doing work at the church, and has spent many hours at the church. He resides in Graniteville with his wife, and dog Princess.